The Union County Development Association (UCDA) was organized in 1946 to help provide adequate employment opportunities, especially to those veterans returning from World War II, and to promote the general welfare and well-being of New Albany and Union County.

UCDA’s first major accomplishment was the opening of Morris Futorian’s Stratford Furniture Company in 1948. This plant led to the transformation of Union County’s economy from agricultural to industrial. Northeast Mississippi is today the world’s number one center for the manufacture of upholstered furniture; the industry having grown from the 1948 Stratford plant.

UCDA has recruited numerous other industries and businesses since that time. New Albany and Union County today enjoy a healthy economy based on a wide diversity of industrial operations. Furniture remains a major part of the local manufacturing scene, but other products now play a major role in Union County’s economy. These include metal impact extrusions, coolers and freezers, automotive pistons, and customized robotic machinery.

Although its primary mission is business and industrial development, UCDA has not been one dimensional. Over the years, UCDA has taken the lead in tourism, infrastructure development, promotion of the community, long-range planning, leadership development, enhancement of the medical community, support of education, and various other community improvement efforts.

The mission of the Union County Development Association is to improve the economic well-being and quality of life for the citizens of Union County. In support of this, we are committed to:

Working toward providing quality employment opportunities through Supporting and assisting existing industries and businesses, Recruiting new industry and business, Maintaining a pro-business climate;
Promoting positive attributes of Union County; Supporting improvement of local education and leadership development; and Promoting efforts that make Union County a better place to live.

Recruitment of Better Paying/More Diversified Businesses and Industries:

Continued Wellspring Project Development
– Located Toyota Motor Company
– Located Vuteq USA – Martintown Industrial Park
– Partnered with PUL Alliance – Located Toyota Tsusho

This is a dynamic group of individuals who will be the Association’s backbone. They help improve the experience for each and every partner of the Union County Development Association.

Ambassador Mission Statement:
To promote the Union County Development Association to the New Albany and Union County area, through various meetings and events, and assist with member involvement, recruitment and retention.