Electricity is supplied by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), providing some of the nation’s lowest electrical rates. The City of New Albany Light, Gas, and Water Department is the local electrical distributor for much of Union County as well as portions of Benton and Tippah Counties.
Northeast Mississippi Electric Power Association serves the western part of Union County and Pontotoc Electric Power Association serves a portion of southern Union County.

The City of New Albany is currently served by 7 wells with a total capacity of 2,705 gallons/minute, sufficient to meet the current demand. The City has developed a computerized hydraulic analysis of its distribution system as a planning tool. This hydraulic analysis can be used to determine what improvements, if any, are needed to serve potential new users by running simulations of their demand.
The remaining portions of Union County are served by several small municipal systems and rural water associations.

The City of New Albany has a 2.5 million gallons/day oxidation ditch treatment facility with an average discharge of approximately 1.5 million gallons/day. To prepare for projected future growth, the City is making plans to enlarge the treatment facility. The Town of Myrtle in northwestern Union County pumps its wastewater to the New Albany facility for treatment.

Natural Gas:
The City of New Albany Light, Gas, and Water Department provides natural gas service to a large portion of Union County as well as portions of Benton, Marshall, and Tippah Counties. The City of Pontotoc Gas Department serves a portion of southern Union County.
Both systems are supplied by Tennessee Gas (El Paso Energy). Besides Tennessee Gas, Columbia Gulf also has a major transmission line traversing Union County.

BellSouth communications infrastructure in Union County is equipped with the most current technology in its switch (central office) at New Albany, capable of providing the most advanced telecommunication services including, but not limited to, T-1, Frame Relay, ATM, DSL, fiber based, or any other type application in today’s marketplace. Since some of these services are distance sensitive, some areas may not be able to receive them based on distance from the switch.
MaxxSouth Broadband offers cable TV, high speed cable modem, and dedicated bandwidth (T-1 or higher) in the City of New Albany and to much of the rural portion of Union County; the specific location will determine availability of these services.

MEGAPOP, a nonprofit organization formed to stimulate competition and make broadband affordable to Northeast Mississippi, has a fiber optic backbone running near Union County with plans to expand into Union County.