IMG_6077UCDA is only as strong as its membership. Our members are our most vital resource. A large pool of members provides the business community with ideas, energy and finance. Even if you cannot donate your time, your financial support insures that projects may still be accomplished.
UCDA members benefit by working together. Members have a direct impact on each other. When one member prospers, the entire membership stands to prosper. As new businesses come in, they provide new customers for existing businesses. As existing businesses grow and expand, they hire more employees and make more profits. Those business profits and employees’ salaries  are spent locally and directly benefit you.
Benefits of Membership:
  • A UCDA staff actively working to recruit new jobs and investments which will generate new income for you.
  • Your business listed in the UCDA website.
  • Access to statistical data, business information, community resource listings, civic club listings, and other guides as available.
  • Opportunity to participate in UCDA sponsored educational seminars and training sessions on business topics.
  • A UCDA staff actively working with city and county governments to identify and address infrastructure needs.
  • Opportunity to promote and advertise your business through the networking opportunities of UCDA volunteer and community work.
  • Information on other education and training needs.
  • A UCDA Staff actively promoting New Albany and Union County as a place to visit or to live, generating new customers for you.
  • Sponsorship of the Union County Leadership Academy and other leadership programs, assuring progressive, pro-business leadership in future years.
  • Referrals by UCDA to numerous relocation and business inquiries.
  • Information on county business developments and UCDA news through the UCDA newsletter and other UCDA correspondence.

Call 662-534-4354 for more information.