Union County’s workforce is more than 12,000 strong with experience and a work ethic oriented toward manufacturing.  Adding the seven counties immediately adjacent to Union County brings the total workforce for the area to approximtely 127,500.  Manufacturing employment in Union and those immediately adjacent counties totaled more than 33,000 in 2005 (Source: Mississippi Department of Employment Security Annual Averages).  This high concentration of manufacturing employment indicates a workforce with an understanding of a manufacturing plant’s culture.  Labor/management relations are excellent throughout the area.

Although these statistics are slightly dated, commuting patterns remain essentially the same.  Two conclusions can be drawn: (1) A business locating in Union County would be able to draw workers from beyond Union County and (2) A significant number of Union County residents commute outside the county to work and would likely be available for appropriate employment opportunities closer to home.
A study completed by The Pathfinders of Dallas, Texas in August 2005 shows a civilian labor force of approximately 276,500 within a 60-mile radius.  Of this number, approximately 28,300 unemployed persons were actively seeking work.  An additional 30,700 “underemployed” workers indicated an interest in changing jobs.  Also, another 4,300 people, neither employed nor seeking work, might enter the workforce for the proper job.  This total of approximately 63,300 workers provides a vast talent pool for potential new businesses in Union County.